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Phase 2 of the Whirlwind Summer – Camp Aldersgate


Tomorrow I leave for my third and final youth trip of the summer. But, I haven’t left yet and so, it’s time to squeeze in a post about my second summer youth trip- Camp Aldersgate.

Camp Aldersgate is a United Methodist camp on Leesville Lake, near Carrollton, Ohio. For over thirty years, Mayfield Church’s youth group (my husband’s church) takes over the camp for a week in early summer. This year, I invited the youth from Forest Hill Church to join Mayfield for the week.

56 middle and high school students gathered at Camp Aldersgate during the week of June 24. The morning started off with worship before participating in games, workshops and breakout sessions. Each afternoon campers had free time to relax, and enjoy the lakefront activities. The evening campfire consisted of silly songs and skits, worship, prayer, and a lesson.

The week was awesome. The worship and lessons each morning and evening were powerful and our campers were transformed. So I’ve sat around all week trying to figure out how to put that in words. Here’s what I came up with.

Three Lessons from Aldersgate

1. Go with the Flow – Camp is all about flexibility. There are many things out of my control as a leader. I can’t predict the weather or relationships. I don’t know whether the campers will be receptive to certain lessons, breakouts or worship music. But, I can learn, adapt and not stress over things I can’t control.

2. The Power of Community – The success of a week of camp rides on the group. Will the campers mesh well? Will they make new friendships? This week was a success because the group came together.

3. God is Alive – With our everyday routines and schedules, we can forget the presence of God is real and active in our world. The week at Aldersgate reminds us God is alive and God is constantly working in us and through us.

There is so much more to say about Aldersgate, but I leave tomorrow for NC. It’s been a whirlwind of a week and a summer so far, but a great whirlwind. I will report on the mission trip when I return!


3 thoughts on “Phase 2 of the Whirlwind Summer – Camp Aldersgate

  1. I know I’m replying much later but it was a wonderful week at camp. It was great having so many youth from two churches this year. I’m really proud of how the youngest guy’s cabin did with the Beatles’ song. Camp is about a time with God, a time in community, and time for … time since our schedules aren’t as busy and distracted as normal.

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  3. Grant really had a great time. One of the things that made a very strong impression on him was how easy it was to make friends. There where no cliques, everyone was encouraged to go outside of their usual group of friends.

    He also met a few Beatles fans – kindred spirits.

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