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The Adventures of Zelda: Pug and Peach



Zelda, Peach, and I are excited to announce that today is launch day for The Adventures of Zelda: Pug and Peach! This book is the third in the Zelda series, and we think they get better every time. If you are new to the Zelda series, this video will tell you a little more about the series or you can read the first chapter here.

We hope that Zelda can move up the Amazon charts, so if you are thinking about buying The Adventures of Zelda: Pug and Peach for yourself, for your kids, your nieces and nephews, your grandkids, or the kids across the street, go ahead and take the plunge. All Zelda books are available in ebook and paperback form. In addition, you can now order a personalized, pawtographed paperback copy!

Buy Now:

AmazonApple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo.

Click here to order a paperback book signed by the author and Zelda!

If you are new to the Zelda books and you want to start with book one, head over to my Zelda series page to purchase the first book.

We also encourage you to check back here on the blog each day this week for more Zelda, Peach, and pug fun.

How to Win Pawtographed Books

On Wednesday September 3, I will be giving away three pawtographed books to #pugchat winners. Join the pugs on twitter from 7pm-8pm. For those unfamiliar with #pugchat, here is an introduction.

You can join the Facebook launch party on Thursday September 4 from 7pm-10pm EST. I will be posting fun pug and Zelda facts, hosting Zelda trivia, and giving away signed Zelda books.

Finally, I will be hosting a #zeldachat on Twitter from 8pm-9pm on Thursday September 4th for my twitter and #pugchat friends. During that time, Zelda will be taking your questions, and participants have a chance to win a pawtographed set of Zelda books! Simply follow the hashtag #zeldachat during that time.




6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Zelda: Pug and Peach

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  4. Reblogged this on disregard the prologue and commented:
    It’s release day for the third book in Kristen Otte’s “Adventures of Zelda” series! The boys and I are reading book 1 right now and really enjoying it, so I thought I’d re-blog for anyone else who might be interested.

  5. Congrats! Good luck with your latests entry in the series.

  6. Congratulations, Kristen—and congrats to Zelda and Peach, too!

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